Management software

We supply ready to install management application to accelerate your company digital transformation.

Our applications are cloud based, you don't need any new hardware.

Finance Management

  • Supports daily input of all expense documents of your company and communicates with invoicing software to receive data on all invoices sent.
  • Profit and Loss statement available anytime to be aware of profits or losses at that time.
  • Balance sheet data available anytime:
    • Debt to supppliers
    • Customer invoices outstanding
    • Bank and cash balance
    • VAT due

Suppliers Management

  • Daily input of invoices received
  • Invoices approval and payment
  • Suppliers debt management

Human Resources Management

  • Employees database maintenance
  • Employee profile publishing in the Intranet
  • Holidays and absences timesheet management
  • Contract renewal management

Project Management

  • Budget preparation and follow up
  • Project plan, phases and tasks preparation and follow up