Tailor-made software

Because each company is unique, it may happen that its needs are not met by standard software packages available in the market. That's why we develop software tailored to the specific requirements of your company.

We use tools and platforms that accelerate software development and reduce the cost of tailor-made software.


We develop applications to support your business processes, integrating them in an Intranet to share data and facilitate communication within the company.


We develop applications to interact with your external stakeholders, namely customers and suppliers. 

Process automation

We help accelerate your company digital transformation, automating processes and implementing in the software your business rules, increasing quality of service and reducing operation costs.  


A solution is nothing but a layered cake combining the best flavors of many technologies. For each solution we must know the existing options, investigate new offers, evaluate the risks of each one and find the best combination to produce the best outcome in the short, medium and long term.


Support all data storage for your solutions. From open source to enterprise grade databases, we can deliver solutions that align the advantages of each one to your project.

MSSQL | MySQL | MongoDB | Analysis Services | Elastic Search

Business Logic and integration

We implement your business logic as the glue that commands reusable modules and features, using the latest patterns and practices that will allow you to scale.

.NET, .NET Core, cloud services integration, LOB integration (ERP, CRM, etc.)

Front End

This is the visible part of a solution. The screens you, your employees and your clients see and interact with. We create responsive interfaces, taking usability and user experience as key drivers for user engagement.

We use frameworks such as: jQuery | AngularJS | HighCharts

Packages and Platforms

Full stack extensible products that enable you to hit the ground running.

We develop solutions on top of: Sharepoint | Outsystems | WSO2 CEP | Orchard CMS | Odoo | Infusionsoft